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got the Colt blues!

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#1 huntall6


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Posted 17 March 2013 - 11:53 PM

my wife and i just picked up a Colt New Agent (Talo edition, 1 of 500 made) for her carry gun in anticipation of this June. its chambered in 9mm and is a very sharp looking compact 1911. frankly, i was very jealous of her new gun when compared to my beat to heck para slim hawg. anyway, took her on her maiden voyage today (wife shooting) and the darn thing jammed on every round for the first mag! it would bring the casing back far enough to clear the chamber, but not far enough to clear the tab on the top backside of the chamber and jam the horizontal casing. i thought she might be limp wristing, so i tried. same result. literally 40 out of 48 rounds jammed this way with 2 that re-chambered the spent brass. i will be calling Colt in the morning to have them fix the issue, but i had to share my frustration! i will post updates about their C&S along the way.

#2 patriot1776


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 03:00 AM

What was the ammo used ? Back in the day i had similar problems with a Colt Government .45 , it got better but still problems here and there . Sold and have not ventured back to any Colt auto 's since.

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 04:02 AM


I have/had owned a lot of Colts and never had a FTF/FTF. I have 1911's, New Agent in 9MM, 1991A1's-all functioned normally. Sorry for your frustration, but I think when these manufacturers try to "streamline/modernize" their procedures, they run into trouble. Kimber did it, Colt has done it, etc.

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 06:11 AM

Yeah Id try a few different types of ammo before I contacted the manufacturer. You may have gotten some light loads. Not all shells are loaded with the same amount of powder. If it has a real heavy guide rod spring, it might take some breaking in and more powerful ammo. Just a guess. It is unfortunate that it wouldnt work with everything though. But some guns are like that. It very well may have to go back. Id still do some troubleshooting on my own. Less hassle if you can figure it out.

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#5 Jeff Johnson


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 06:52 AM

it might just need some break-in.

#6 AlphaKoncepts aka CGS

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 07:00 AM

Always try a variety of ammunition, especially on undersized 1911's which tend to be very finicky about ammo.

Store it in your safe with the slide locked back for a few weeks. That could help with the spring tension.


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 11:10 AM

I had a 1991 that I ended up selling. I had the same problem. Gun smith said it was fine so maybe it was me but I got frustrated and sold it and used the funds to buy my 357 SP101. Turned me off enough that I am a solid wheel guy now but as seen from other posts, having to reconsider with a little one on the way.
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#8 huntall6


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 12:49 PM

that was using 3 different brands of FMJ ammo. i have it stored with the slide back and racked the slide close to 500 times yesterday in hopes of breaking the spring/slide in. i am going to try to find some HD rounds and see if it will cycle using those. if not, back to Colt it goes.

i just felt the need to rant because when i pay for a premium product, i guess i expect it to be, well, premium......

#9 GT1


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 01:47 PM

If it won't feed ball ammo it probably won't like HP ammo any better. :/

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 01:54 PM

Yes, a 1911 definitely needs ~500 rounds to break in, but it's normal to observe no more than 1 FTF/FTE per mag (not clip!) . Normally, an Ultra will typically exhibit more failures than a Pro, and Pro more than a Govt due to the geometry. That said, the failure rate you are seeing is way out of line, especially for ball. I'd not waste anymore ammo/time on this thing and send it back right away. There's definitely problem there.

#11 patriot1776


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 02:16 PM

The latest automatic problem i encountered was a PK 380 i let go. Tried 5 different brands of FMJ ammo and even after 400 rounds , a detailed clean and lube still FTE'S and FTF'S . It happens some times, my others automatics run fine after 300 to 400 rounds .

#12 Buzzard


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Posted 18 March 2013 - 03:00 PM

A friend recently purchased a Colt New Agent (non-Talo) and has not reported any difficulties. I don't know what ammo he's been using, but I believe he uses WInchester white box for just range work. I will inquire what his feedback is regarding the New Agent. I myself, after reading of infrequent reliability issue with these short slide guns, am rather reluctant to buy anything less than a Commander length slide. I feel the reliability reputation of the Commanders more than makes up for the added slide length. Plus, I appreciate the extra sight radius. In closing, I find that new doesn't always equate to better.