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Magpul D60 - Not a good use of funds

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Posted 09 July 2018 - 10:10 AM

I kinda knew it before I purchased it....but Brownell's had them on sale, plus they were offering one of their "$10 off plus free shipping" deals...and I had a few beers...soooo.....yeah.....it cost me about $95 shipped.



I was finally able to take it too the Shoot Point Blank recently and it worked fine with no jams...BUT...


It is HEAVY when fully loaded.  Holding up my pistol build started to suck when taking 1 shot ever few seconds.  


It is a total PIA to load....big time.   I hear it can be loaded with a certain type of speed loader and stripper clips.   I hope so.  I have a normal Maglula .223/5.56 speed loader and it does not work with the D60 as the speed loader is meant for double sticks, but the D60 loads almost like a single stack except you have to push a lever over for each round. 


I've since reloaded it and put it away as a "SHTF" mag since it has rounds that I can't use at most ranges.  Four rounds of 62gr green tips, followed by one 64gr tracer.   I have two tracers in a row at the halfway point (rounds 29 and 30), and three tracers in a row at the end of the mag (rounds 58, 59, and 60).    My guess is that I'll never use that mag...but, it is nice knowing I have it. 


Final take:  Works as described, but unless you have a bump-stock or something with full-auto......save your money and stick with 30 round mags. 


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Posted 09 July 2018 - 10:28 AM

I bought a couple of them a year or so ago and while I don't get to use them as much as I'd like, I do like them.  


My use case is different though since I'm using them for 3 gun. 


I can see the mag weighing down a pistol build when shooting at an indoor range where shooting any faster than a round a second will get you yelled at or kicked out.  In all honesty, the weight hasn't really been an issue in my 18" 3 gun rifle.  It's really only marginally heavier than my 40 round P-mags with +5 extensions, and my build is extremely lightweight.  


The one thing I can say about the D60's are they're extremely reliable.  I've only heard of one malfunction, and that was one that I had.  I was running with the mag on my belt, and it fell out and landed on the ground.  I called magpul about it and they said that more than likely what happened was the spring tension was jostled by hitting the ground, and had I hit the lever, it wouldn't have jammed.  I've shot that drum several times since then and haven't had one issue, even doing a mag dump so their explanation seemed to be accurate.  


I agree about loading them.....it does suck big time.  As you mentioned, there are "easier" ways to load them, but I just suffer through loading them.  If you grab a few rounds at a time in your hand, you can usually get them all in without having to push the lever for every round.  In the very beginning, you can get about 4 in with each lever pull and hold.  Once you hit 40 or so rounds loaded, then it gets tougher where you can get two at most with each lever pull.  At 50 rounds, it's basically one round per pull of the lever.  The stripper clip method would be a bit easier though.  

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