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Todd V and the NRA?

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Posted 13 November 2017 - 11:22 AM

guys, this group has ben in the works for months as we had several meetings with a large group of dealers who kept meeting at Range @ 355.

At an end of session meeting, the group voted to form a assn. and they voted on a group of officers to start, Dan Eldridge from Maxons, Mandi from Gun Dr. Julie Peters from RKA, Pete from Range @ 355 and Roger Krohl from R-guns.

as with most things life takes over and they are still sorting out things. 1. we are registered witht he Secretary of state as a Non-Profit and for lobbyong purposes. 2. they are putting togwther a proposal for a real website. There will be other promotional materials and you can expect them to be issuing press relases and other things.

More to follow, but they wanted to be in the fight in sPringfield during veto session


I'm semi-retired from the journalism profession, but I currently do lead-finding for a number of other reporter and news outlet clients. How can I get put on your press/media distribution list for these sorts of materials? I'll gladly see that they get disseminated to my various contacts, since I'm the person they talk to when they need "gun-related" information.

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