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Intro to Defensive Handguns

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 01:43 AM

July 9 & 10, I will be offering a two day, outdoor handgun class called "Introduction to Defensive Handgun"   This is a highly recommended class!  It is an excellent follow up to the concealed carry class.  Unfortunately, most concealed carry license holders, take the one class that the State requires, and nothing more.  In your class, we spent between 2 & 3 hours on the range, the rest of the 16 hrs is spent dealing with legal and procedural issues.  The purpose of Introduction to Defensive Handguns is to teach you gun handling skills.  Making a series of accurate shots, under life threatening pressure, is not an easy task.  It does not come naturally, and NO, YOU COULD NOT SHOOT STRAIGHT, IF YOU HAD TO!!!   That is a statement made by an amateur selling wolf tickets, that he can't possibly back up!  In reality you will only be half as good in a real gunfight, as you are on your best day at the range.  This class will cover drills that cannot normally be practiced at a public range, especially movement & cover drills. 


Of the 200+ students that have taken my concealed Carry class, only about 5 have taken advantage of this class so far. Follow up training will not only improve your chances of surviving a gunfight, it will also improve your credibility, when your case goes to court.  Again, I urge all who can, to seriously consider taking this class.


 Personal Protection Consultants


Introduction to the Defensive Handgun


This two day course introduces you to the fundamentals of modern defensive handgun techniques and safe weapons handling procedures. It begins with a classroom session covering the legal, financial and psychological implications of a self defense shooting.  On the range we cover how to properly draw from a holster, weak hand shooting and transition techniques, stoppage clearance drills, tactical and emergency reload drills, and shoot - no shoot decision making.  This course will consist of 1/4 classroom and 3/4 range.  Ammunition requirements: 450rds.  This class makes an excellent follow up to the Illinois Concealed Carry class which was 13 hrs classroom, and only 3 hrs of range time.  This class is intended to improve your gun handling skills.

Equipment needed: A combat oriented  handgun with a barrel length of at least 3 inches.

Note: This is a defensive handgun course, therefore .22's, .25's, .32's, and .380's are NOT

allowed.  The minimum caliber  acceptable is .38 special in revolver, or 9mm in semi-auto.

A high quality holster preferably leather or plastic, nylon holsters should be avoided.  You need

a holster where the top  will stay open so that you can reholster with ONE HAND, if you have to hold the top open with your weak hand while you reholster with your strong hand then that

holster IS UNACCEPTABLE (safety violation - the muzzle must cross your hand)!!!


A minimum of three magazines for semi-auto’s or three speed loaders for a revolver.

A magazine pouch or speed loader pouch (enough for two magazines or two speed loaders).

Eye, and ear protection, and a hat or cap with a brim.  A pair of pants with belt loops and a strong belt.  A minimum of 450* rds. of factory (no reloads)  handgun ammunition.





Cost: REGISTRATION FEE $225.00 per person.  For registration information contact: personalprotectionconsultants.com

For questions regarding training or equipment contact Gerald Vernon at glvernon34@yahoo.com or (773) 415-1814.


For those without their own weapon, I have 5 handguns available for rent on a first come, first served basis.  The cost will be an additional $30.00 for the weekend.  The weapons I have available are: 2 Glock 19 9mm, 1 Sig P-225 9mm, 1 Glock 23 .40 S&W and 1 Taurus M-66 .357 Mag. Revolver.  The $30.00 covers the rental of the handgun, magazines or speed loaders, holsters and pouches!  You will need to call me to arrange weapons rental.


When: Sat. And Sun. July 9 & 10, 2016.

WHERE: Sand Burr Gun Ranch, Rochester, Indiana

TIME: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Rochester is in the Eastern time zone, one hour ahead of Illinois).

Cost: $225.00 per person


Rochester, In. is a two 1/2 hour drive from Chicago.  I recommend the Super 8 Motel at 209 McDonald Dr., Rochester, In. 46975   Phone number (574-224-8080.  Tell them that you are taking a class at the Sand Burr Gun Ranch and you automatically qualify for a discount rate.


If you plan to drive from the Chicago area the morning of class, you need to be on the road no less than 6:30 am to arrive in Rochester by 10:00 am, (that's 9:00 am Central time, Rochester is in the Eastern time zone.)



* As a general rule, you should always bring extra ammo to a gun training class.


Nobody ever wished they had a smaller gun, with fewer bullets, in a gunfight.... Author unknown.